Black Blogs Matter Challenge (2021)-Week 1

Note: This is the first and only week where there will be 1 post in regard to a specific week’s topic.

Blogging is not a lost art.

Blogging is not a trend.

Blogging is writing.

Blogging while Black? Oh, darling! Let me tell you– it is a superpower right now! Anytime there is a Black writer in a space –any space!–That space is Black. It is Black and Black touches everything! In this time of erasure and complete disdain for anything Black or the desire to devour it, having a digital place in the world still matters.


We are here, we hear, and we are present! We have decided to stake our claim in a place where the world cannot help but see us! I will be completely transparent about this. Blogging has been a journey for me. I am a writer–and a real writer can write anything, so says Christopher Priest.

I started this blog almost 5 years ago. I started it after being on the periphery of blogging for better than 6 months. I had no idea how to start, where to go, and or who would help me! It was the amazing Winnie Caldwell that helped me, and gave me some sort of direction. Through a 60-minute workshop (where I had no slides!), and a Q&A period, I was ready. And terrified. I still waited another 3 months after that. Where I could have started in August-September 2016, I waited another three months.


I thought I had nothing to say. I thought no one would read what I had to say, or care about what I thought. As a Black woman who writes, who blogs, I was terrified that no one would follow, read…or care. What I was most afraid of is with all of my talent, with all I do to bend language–that fact that I was Black would erase all that. That it would somehow, not be enough, or too much. I wasn’t discouraged, but I was really aware. I was aware that I was going to have to work–and work harder than ! thought I would have to I thought it was just an itch, something I would do and then have that be it. I would do it for a year and be done. Now? It’s 5 years later.

I have held this space–day by day and month by month, letter by damn letter. Black blogs still matter, because there is no Black person whom has written enough. I’m just getting started. I have so much more to say.

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