Now, I will tell you this. I still listen to T.I. on the way home in the morning. Why? The commute after working overnights hits different when you know every word to What You Know About That and Big Sh*t Poppin‘. I, the fiery womanist that I can be, still like T.I. I have been watching this situation with T.I. and Tiny–from their relationship, these sex allegations, and how nonchalant they both are about all this!

What I will say is this, and this from a place of love, wisdom, and as one that likes thot activities (consider these rules to follow):

1.) You can’t freak with everybody.

2.) It is not all always a good idea to be a ‘third’.

3.) When you play, make sure that every one knows that their boundaries are.

4.) Sex is powerful.

5.) Read 4 again.

6.) NDA’s are okay.

7.) Establish rules on protection.

And most important:

You can say “No” at any time, consent all depends on you! The fact that there are this many women saying that all type of nefarious shenanigans was happening in their bedroom? Chile, everybody can’t be lying.

Be safe out there, Torches.

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