28 Days Of Blackness: Reflections

This Black History Month was intense, joyous, and a reminder of the work that needs to be done, has to be done, and is still being done. It was hard to write this one thus year–there was so much going on and I felt that I really didn’t write all I wanted to. I don’t feel like I said everything I needed to say.

I never do.

Yet, this is just how seriously I take this responsibility of running this platform. I take every post seriously, every Firestarter Hotsheet, Runitback Friday–everything! I understand that I am a writer, and there is a responsibility–a weight even–that comes with that. I am a writer, a griot, a place holder, space maker, and an opportunity maker. This space is unapologetically Black, and I am to keep it unapologetically Black.

When I think of exactly what it means to run this platform in the face of social change, erasure, misogynoir and plan old racism, I realize that I am one of the dangerous Negroes that would have been murdered a century and more ago. I realize that it is not possible for me to hush and fade away! Then ,would tell the story? Who would keep the stories? Who would realize what needs to be said?

Black History is made daily. Daily! In 28-29 days it is not possible to say all that you desire of your people or culture in that time. Which is why it is essential to record every celebration, every slight, and every push towards greatness. This year, in the midst of a global pandemic, vaccination disparities in communities of color, I felt it was essential that I record everything that I could, as fast as I could, when I could! This is what writers do–we are the eyes and ears of a nation, holder of its heart and a its whispering or screaming conscious.

Black History is made daily, Torches. And for that cause, there is The Ideal Firestarter.

Let us continue to make history. Daily.

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