28 Days Of Blackness: Black Platforms Still Matter.

At the end of Black History Month, I want to thank the amazing Meisha Davis. It with there steadfastness, and wit that I can do what I do. Also, patronize SINCERELY THESE HANDS for all your custom needs. Thank you.

May be an image of text that says 'BLACK QUEEN THE MOST POWERFUL PIECE IN THE GAME Say it With Your shirt'
I am a Queen. And I move as such.

It is the end of Black History Month. Yet, it is not the end of Black History. As long as there is Black history, there will be a Black present and a Black future to plan for…ergo, always a place of Black people. Over these 28 days, I have tried my best to bring you things you know, some things you may not be aware of, and always to remind you that this space is Black woman run.

Black platforms and spaces are always needed. They are always necessary. Why? On this land, Black people have been murdered, erased, invalidated and discarded. It would be a violence to have no place to find joy, help, healing and support. Whether it is a blog you start, a book you are marketing, or even like our social media coordinator, Meisha Davis, that you start a business that is unapologetically Black? It matters. The space that you as a Black creator take up or make, matters! It matters whether it is February 9th, September 12 or December 31! Your platform matters! The support of your platform matters! The visibility of your platform matters!

What I want you to remember as this time of celebration ends, is that you have the right to shine. You have the right to create and enjoy the fruits of all that labor! You earned it! Every day that you work on your platform, create for it, share it, ship orders for it, it matters! I don’t want you to be discouraged in this creating your platforms though, these places in the world you are responsible for.

There will be times when people don’t order. When you will discouraged and want to quit or imposter syndrome creeps in and siphons your joy. There will be times that you will wonder is anyone looking, caring or does it even matter? It does. It always will. Create for the joy it brings you, for the power it grants you to put other people on and for the people who will see you! They may not see you unless you keep going!

Black platforms matter because Black Lives Matter. Create. Build. Keep going.

[image from Sincerely These Hands]

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