Where to start this week?! The Biden Administration is is floundering with $15 an hour, CPAC is making a golden god of OrangeThanos, the government is dropping bombs in the Middle East again, people still don’t have their second or third stimulus check and IRS just started processing refunds, and the book The Prophets by Robert Jones made me cry and scream and ancestral pain in the light!

Let’s get it!

#FightFor15 #WhyLord #HereWeGo #Justice #Fight #LivingWage #TheyDontReallyCareAboutUs

People who have no idea what it’s like to struggle, should really not have a place in legislative bodies! We have been talking about the Fight For $15 for almost 6 years now! I don’t understand why it’s still so difficult for lawmakers to truly realize and recognize (if this pandemic hasn’t shown you just were a great injustice income any quality is nothing else will!) just how hard it is to survive in this experiment called America!

The thing that is so glaring about this topic is just the resistance to a living wage! No one That works full-time in and industrialized nation should have to resort to the lengths that some people have gone to to just stay afloat! Pass fight for 15 pass $15 an hour! Why on God’s green earth and Beyoncé’s universe is this so hard?

#Vaccines #COVID #WearAMask #MasksUntil2022 #ListenToFauci #MedicalRacism #TheresAReason

Oh and the COVID vaccine! There is still a disparity between the amount of vaccine and who is actually getting it. What is one of the reasons we already know.

Medical racism is still a thing.

Aversive racism is still a thing.

Racism within he medical community is still rampant!

One of the reasons why Orange Thanos did not want this roll out to be successful is because he didn’t care! He is the worst kind of person to have in leadership and the worst kind of guy for these crazy people to worship!

The Bible tells us that Elijah made fun of the prophets of Baal! He saw their travesty for what it is and knew that the guy that they were serving was neither real and neither was in since was he powerful! But these people continually champion this man even though the deaths of 500,000 people lay at his feet! If you want to see how crazy racism is look at the GOP! It is admirable that President Biden is trying to roll this out as quickly as possible especially with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines (and now with the approval of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine), but he is behind the 8-ball! He cannot do this fast enough!

Even as he puts things together to make this more efficient, there are still people dying. And people still don’t wanna wear masks…

#Texas #Winter #WinterStorm #Fallout #ClimateChange #Craziness #TedCruzIsACoward

I am still laughing at that Ted Cruz is really trying to dig his way out of this Cancun scandal! I really don’t understand why he thought that this was a good idea and then to throw his wife and children on the bus? Well I’m not surprised! This is what Republicans do!

If it’s not about power, money, or they are allocation of both, they don’t want anything to do with it! About 60 people at last count died during the during the winter storm last week in Texas!

In Texas!

So rather than you do the thing that you were sworn to do (which is help people to serve you constituents in your community), you decide because it was ‘too cold’ in your house to leave the dog and go? This is why I cannot take any body that votes GOP or supports the GOP seriously.

At this point? You are the exact people that the Avengers were trying to Snap with the Iron Gauntlet in Endgame…

And with the close of Black History Month, we remember Trevon Benjamin Martin. It was indeed almost a decade ago this week that he was murdered just because he wanted to walk home! White supremacy empowered a thug to stop him on his way to his fathers house. I could think of no crueler thing to be taken when you were so close home, with so much life in front of you. May George Zimmerman never find peace until he rots in Hell.

See y’all next week.

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