28 Days Of Blackness: A Love Letter To #BlackTikTok

Note: This list is not exhaustive! Who I list in the following piece are amazing, intelligent, semi-ratchet and now apart of my TikTok family! Follow them. Thank you.

I see you, family. I see you.

In the almost 5 months I have been on TikTok (@whatjayesaid) I have met incredible people, adopted a few and blocked more! Yet despite the microaggressions, racism, erasure and demonstrative hatred of Black women while clout chasing for Cookout invites, there is a niche of Black creators who I follow, and they comprise #BlackTikTok.

Here In this space, I have encountered sharper minds, confronted doubts, chased trolls and even participated in getting accounts reinstated or taken down!

From my TikTok nephew @jwilliamj and how he dismantles racists with facts to @slackedstacked and @doubledmuva with politics and breaking news. With @antiblackfishingclub with history, analysis and being a pillar to remind whiteness that Blackness can never be covered; @theconsciouslee with education is elevated and “research over me-search” as he gathers the unworthy where they stand! To my kings @ispeak1906, @youngmercfire and @mynamesuperlong who do nothing but dismantle the unneeded and build the necessary one 60 second rebuke at a time! To the gorgeous and brilliant @barbaraj.warren and my big cousin @theamazingdea who bring tea, shade and enlightenment!

If you want to start a movement, get in this app and help us fight oppression. If you can’t fight, block. If you can’t block, report. What we are not about to do in the age of Kamala is concede defeat on any front! Thats starts with representation. Blackness cannot be covered. No matter how white you make a room.

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