28 Days Of Blackness: Dr. Cornel West Versus The Ivy League

As of this posting, Dr. Cornel West has been denied tenure at his institution, Harvard University. Dr. West believes this is racially motivated.

Dr. Cornel West | About Dr. Cornel West | Official Web Site

Black brilliance always scares White people—it is like oil and water! There is no one more seen and more visible in the world of academia as it relates to race and politics than Dr. Cornel West.

He is confrontational, he does not fold and never shies away from controversy. With that said, the fact that he is a professor at Harvard? I look at this the same way I look at Katherine Cleaver teaching at Emory University—a miracle!

Dr. Cornel West deserves tenure. Full stop. There is no more to tell! Why should he not?! Has he not done all in his power and academic responsibility to teach, educate and empower? Has he not written articles, participating in peer reviews and written books?

So what’s up with this Harvard? What is the issue Ivy League? Dr. West has stated that he thinking is leaving the institution. Think about that! Check this from the Bay Street Banner:

Harvard University professor Dr. Cornel R. West, a preeminent Black philosopher, author and activist, said that he must consider a second departure from the school — nearly five years after his return — due to the university not offering him tenure.

“When you’re disrespected, you have to explore other possibilities,” West said. “You never, ever adjust to injustice or adapt yourself to disrespect. No, no, no.”

Thing is, y’all already know what I think. This is a be same thing that has been happening with Black folk and education forever! They don’t want to give Dr. Cornel West tenure because that would make him a fixture! That would solidify his presence in a very real way in a very White, elitist place. The last bastion of equality and fairness in this nation is two-fold: law and education.

Both very White.

Both very whitewashed.

Both highly skewed to protecting, insulating and promoting White supremacy.

While simultaneously erasing, denouncing or devouring anyone that isn’t! The game is rigged! Totally rigged! This is why there need to be Black teachers, professors and educators! The community needs Black tenured professors in places like Harvard! It is needed and necessary!

Honestly, I hope Dr. West fights all this out as long as it takes! I say give this Ivory Tower in the garden of the Ivy League all the fire the ancestors give! This cannot keep happening to the voices that challenge the establishment! It just can’t!

I’m here for all this light, heat, smoke! Here for it! Change is here, change is now and change has come.

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