28 Days Of Blackness: All Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter - Wikipedia
Every last one. Every single time. All the time.

This is where I have to remind all those who come to this space, or follow me in any capacity that I advocate for all Black lives. All of them. This space is pro-Black, and I am not ashamed of this. What I will say is this–all Black lives matter. Black history is comprised of more than just cishet, straight, women and men. It is comprised of more than the Black and able bodied. We cheapen the impact of Black history, Black History Month, by not acknowledging this! Our queer, gay, differently abled/disabled family matter!

We are no better than the system that oppresses us when we erase or minimize or ‘bury our dead twice.’ We are no better than those who sit in power when we oppress our own in our community along the lines of toxic patriarchy and oppression. We as Black folk are not a monolith! We shouldn’t be, ever. But what we need to understand is that we all need one another. Badly, and more than ever!

We have to acknowledge that toxic patriarchy, and the desire to placate the white gaze has given us a community a hypersensitivity about how we present, interact and even what we expect or accept from greater White culture. I get that. But, we must being to deconstruct why (still) that acceptance is necessary! So, again I say:


This is not a debate. This is not up for interpretation. This is not an argument. Since I am Black, my children are Black, and all Black lives matter–will always matter!–to me. As a culture, we gatekeep to preserve, yes. However, we must also open the gate to those we turned away when they only existed! I know the cool thing now is the inviting people to The Cookout. We need to remember who was there, needs to be there, and who needs to come back Home. Who needs to know their key still works, their call will be answered! Someone has to leave the light on the porch!

Let this be a reminder that the porchlight is on. I see you. We see you. Come home. We love you, as you are and where you are, and nothing will change that. Ever.

Your Black life matters.

[image from en.wikipedia.org]

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