Talk About It Tuesday-02/23/2021

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We have been talking about Tessica Brown of Louisiana all of Black History Month.

In the age of Beyoncé, VP Kamala Harris, the Doras known as the 91%, the BLM Movement being nominated for a Noble Peace Prize, enter Tessica and her side ponytail. Chile, look. When I saw this on TikTok earlier this month, I cried laughing and hoped it was a joke! I really did! I didn’t want to believe that this broad was dingy enough to use an industrial apoxy as a gel substitute. Even with talking to the TIFS staff, I voiced that I hoped this was a joke or a stunt! Yet, like any good gawker of traffic accidents, I kept up with this story. From gossip/drama blogs, to conscious YouTubers, and even cosmetologists. Trust, I still have my suspicions about this, with my main war cry being:


From this whole ordeal, I have heard people say this is clout; this is sad; this is nonsense; the personal favorite is she never put this in her hair–it was all a stunt. Now, we know a Beverly Hills doctor flew her out to help her, rather than she stay at the hospital overnight with acetone and saline (she has 5 children so I understand to an extent why she wouldn’t want to stay overnight). But this is trash! It just is! This is not a respectability politics thing! This is a matter of common sense! Now, to find out she has merchandise now? No. Just…no!

But, this is capitalism! Money by any means necessary. After everything she went through, no part of her wants to say, “Let me just be cool and just raise my kids and fade out.” No, you want to do this? Man. Clearly, I am doing life wrong. All wrong. My head hurts…no Gorilla Glue needed.

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