28 Days Of Blackness: Updates About The Assassination Of Malcolm X

Before you read this, watch the NETFLIX miniseries Who Killed Malcolm X? After that, this piece will make more sense.

Who Killed Malcolm X? - Wikipedia

I got into a fight on my personal Facebook wall with a cousin of mine (for familial reasons I will not name her here) about why I was suspicious of Louis Farrakhan the government and the Nation Of Islam as it related to the assassination/murder of Malcolm X. Since I was about 12, nothing about his assassination seemed right, sounded right or looked right. My cousin, whom is a practicing Muslim, took it upon herself to argue about this on my page. It is only because she is my family (even as of this posting we are not speaking), she didn’t the full extent of all smoke that I had to offer–and would have given!–to another person. I have always been suspicious of the Nation, always thinking that someone had to know how did this, why they did it, and who protected the people that did it!

As of this week, a NYPD police officer on his deathbed, wrote a letter pertaining to Malcolm’s assassination! Am I surprised? NO. This information just so happens to come out 56 years ago–this week!–that Malcolm was murdered! And to find out that this cop, this undercover officer of all things, writes this in a letter to be released after his death? Man, look. In this account, I got mad all over again! In this letter Officer Roy Wood implicates the CIA and NYPD (whom Wood calls his handlers) saying that he was positioned to ‘undermine the man in the movement’. According to this cousin, he regretted his decision for decades.


With the release of Judas And The Black Messiah, I cannot help but think what a cop out this is! I am so tired to deathbed confessions and professions of sorrow from corrupt people that have ‘suffered with guilt’ or somehow want absolution from Black and Brown people! No, Mr. Wood. No! The people who were your ‘handlers’ participating in making four Black girls fatherless! You were complicit! You writing this letter, with instructions, doesn’t absolve that fact! There is something rotten about this, and it always has been. There is a reason Malcolm X is dead, and no one is the Nation really talks about why that is!

It is important to note that in Leah Remini’s special on Scientology (also on NETFLIX) mentions that the Nation has had some influence from Scientology as well–Farrakhan himself said, “I have found a tool.” There is a reason Malcolm was murdered, and why it is no one is saying why–but everyone knows why.

Trust. I am going to be watching this unfold.

[image from NETFLIX]

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