28 Days Of Blackness: AAVE Still Matters!

Note: I did a whole 4-part series on my podcast, The Writers’ Block, last year called THE POWER OF THE AAVE. Find that podcast (red/black logo) on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify.

One of the thing that I love about being a writer is that you to play with language. Accents, dialects, regionally specific slang. I love it! And during this Black History Month, I feel the need to remind the world that this dialect, this word play, this space is all ours! No cap. No sharing. No cap. Full damn stop.

I am a fan of the AAVE in literature, especially in matters of dialogue, and recording stories which have been told in oral capacities! There is no shame in honoring the traditions of our families, greater culture and history! Just because the AAVE is used by people whom are Black does not diminish the intelligence of those who speak it!

Amy Tan calls the being able to speak multiple dialects of the English language Englishes. This is no different!

I speak Boardroom English, Job interview, Mother bass, Daughter schmoove, Free-shit flirting, Let Me Be and the AAVE. The biggest flex I have a writer is I am a Black woman doing who writes!

The AAVE is demonstrative of a linguistic ability not a deficit! Let me say it this way: I said what I said like I said it! No cap.

Let us be great! Let us add to the lexicon and code switch without a drop in conversation! We have much more to say, ways to say it —and we said exactly what we said! PERIODT!

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