It snowed SNOWED Snowed In Texas! Man! What else is there! How is the world burning and freezing at the same time!

Let’s get it!

#Texas #Winter #Politics #GlobalWarming #WhoReady #NoOneAskedForThis #NotEvenOnAnEnemy #Weather #Smh #TheGOPAllWorkForThanos

I know they’re all types of things that are happening this week but this thing in Texas?!

This has my complete an immediate attention! We know that climate change is real and we know it can disturb weather patterns.

Science still matters. But moving on.

Now, I have family, friends and close friends who actually live in Texas: especially in San Antonio and Houston. Even the ex-husband of the Ideal Firestarter lives (at last count) somewhere in the great country of Texas. But from what has been said from the Colorado City, TX mayor? About people basically having to fend for themselves as residence of the United States of America? In a time of extreme extreme turmoil? You can tell these people in Texas are not prepared in any way for this! Even their houses aren’t built for this type of weather!

Peoples pipes are bursting, people have kids and medical needs, stores are price gouging, and it’s as cold as MISSOURI is in January!

What is happening now reminds me of what happened in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina! And that is scary.

Having local politicians like Senator Rafael Theodore Cruz actually take his children and his wife to Mexico because their house was “too cold!” Who do these people think that they are! Everybody’s house is cold you bunch of deplorables!

But AOC came through to raise money for people who need things… like groceries. This is bananas to see! The thing that I believe is so disconcerting about this is the fact that this is happening again on US soil! The world at large as it pertains to the United States of America was not ready for Katrina even though it had time to prepare for it! Why? Science still matters and nothing is as strong as regret.

Now to find out the power grid is trash? THE POWER GRID?! There are people who have children, disabled, have medical needs themselves, who are in the dark have no light have no water? And waiting on money that hasn’t hit yet?!

Torches, this is scary.

This is really really scary. Texas Fam, Texas Torches, be careful and stay warm.

Hopefully…see y’all next week!

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