28 Days Of Blackness: “Stop Taming Us.”

Image result for viola davis i cannot lead with bullshit

How you suck the air of out the room? Say this: “I cannot lead with bullshit.” And say it without apology, no chaser, and all flex. ALL flex! When I heard Viola Davis say this the 201 Hollywood Reporter Award in 2018 for Women In Entertainment Power 100? I shouted. Every so often I go back to this video of her, and remind myself of what it is that I do. Why I do it. Why I need to do it.

Let me love on my Black creators right quick.

Keep making the movies. Keep writing the blogs. Start the podcasts! Write what you want! Take the pictures, and create what you want! Why do I say this? You need to have it said to you! Do not allow the world that doesn’t look like you, desire to either mimic of erase you, dictate your talent! You bring all of you to all of your work–don’t give people a chaser! Don’t chase opportunities. Start making them!

Let me flex right quick. This platform? This one that you read, re-read, and follow, all started with a scared woman that was working a night shift job in a bad second marriage, with two children. It started because there was Black woman that believed in me enough to put me up on game through her Blogging workshop. From that, almost 5 years ago, I have 3 other platforms. I freelance edit and mentor other writers. I have books on Amazon and Kindle. I have podcasted for 2 years and have built out a network of bloggers and writers whom are all young, gifted and Black. I have decided to make opportunities where there none.

Being tamed and an artist is not synonymous. I refuse to allow them to be! I am reminded on a daily basis of why it is my pen, my eyes, my experiences matter. Being tamed, as Viola Davis mentions, is to be on some level erased. Being tamed allows the world around you to demand that you conform, conceded to the most palatable form of yourself! Give them fire, never water! Give them the energy that allows you to bring and be all of yourself as you go–every step of the way. The world is waiting for all of you. Don’t leave them hungry–feed all those willing to eat. If they are not, adjust your crown and move around. Take all your tools with you–ain’t no more free samples in this season.

[image from thegrapevine.theroot.com]

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