28 Days Of Blackness: My President Is Black, Now Spider-Man Is Too!

I am a comics fan. I have been since I was a little girl. I was exposed to this world of ink and paper people through my cousin. For this reason, I am eternally grateful. And for this cause, I am a dedicated Spider-Man fan. In a past life, I was even called “MJ.” But that this another story.

When my children found the joy of comics, my heart possessed a joy I had not known! And after BLACK PANTHER, Tom Holland liking all the Black girls, and the success of Into The Spiderverse, I am can only express utter happiness at the creation of Mr. Miles Morales. And the fact the PS5 has a version dedicated to Miles? With a street in the game named after Chadwick Boseman?

Yes! This is energy we need! I will never, ever not champion more diversity among comics and do the pictures of people of color and black people! The fact that people are this hype about Miles Morales? Gives me hope for the black cumin fans that come after me in our fanning alongside me and maybe those who are alongside me and behind me will create more chances for more black art and more Black stories to be told on the page to comic books! This cannot be overstated as to how dope this really is! And I am so glad I am alive to see it.

Now, to get the Static Shock movie made…

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