28 Days Of Blackness: My Wishes For Black Lives Matter

This is not a moment. It is a movement.

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If I am allowed to dream, being old enough to one day recount this to my grandchildren, I want the Black Lives Matter movement to become the realize dream of Dr. Carter G. Woodson. I want it to stand as a reminder that we as a people can truly do anything! I want Black Lives Matter to be such a force for the unwhitewashing of American History that there be no other recognition of what it was before. I would love for it to be as powerful as any PTA!

I want Black Lives Matter to start getting into lobbying and politics, and send kids to college! I want it to be an arm of support to education as well as a reminder that Black lives are never going to be erased again. I want the future of Black Lives Matter to remain a force for change, wisdom and ‘good trouble.’

There is always a need for good trouble, Torches. Always. Find some.

I want Black Lives Matter to not be infiltrated by the Feds, and if they are? Every mole be rooted out before harm can be done! I want them to pick up the rest of what the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was doing! I want Black Lives Matter and the NAACP to realize they are on the same side: a younger sibling of the other. Waiting. Hungry. Willing to learn and be directed to go where you the older sibling cannot. Why? It will take all of us to win.

I want Black Lives Matter to empower the revolutionary–male or female. I want Black Lives Matter to remind Black girls they are more than handmaidens! I want Black Lives Matter to remember the greatness of Fred Hampton, the wisdom of Bobby and Huey, with the tenacity of Ida B.; the patron saint of this very space!

I want Black Lives Matter to remember what started it. I want Black Lives Matter to remember this movement was birthed by tragedy, but not defined by it. I want the hashtags to become a quilt, much like the AIDS quilt (there’s an idea!). I want tragedy and its prevention to be the thing that propels brainstorming for new things, besides civil disobedience. I want this movement to be granted the flexibility to continue to be like Voltron to all forces that dare disturb the forces trying to eradicate racism, white supremacy and all matter of microaggression–domestic and foreign!

Black Lives Matter is making history and we have to make sure that greater history doesn’t diminish it. McGraw-Hill may not be able to tell this right, but we will.

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