28 Days Of Blackness: Teach Black Boys To Lead—The Lasting Impact Of ‘The Pact’

Alright, alright! Let me love on the fellas. And remember, JUNE is MEN’S MONTH on this part of Barack’s/Kendrick’s/Jack Johnson’s internet. What I want to do is to remind you of some initiatives that I have noticed that are encouraging young Black men to lead!

You cannot know the pride it gives me to see young Black men out here changing the world, making waves and changing for the better!

In the age of Black Lives Matter, I need you to understand how essential it is speak life into young Black men! Even among themselves! The thing that makes this book so relevant (still and now) is it demonstrates the power of belief, positive reinforcement and dedication! These are things Black children need!

The power that Black boys need to lead is two-fold: encouragement and direction. As a Black woman, my natural inclination is to cast my lot with Black women and girls. My natural protection goes to them, with that said–I also want the young Black men that follow the space to know they are seen. They are loved. They are needed and necessary!

The reason that I still champion this book is because too often the accomplishments of Black men are downplayed or erased. Too often their are Black young men whom see a world that wants them eradicated, seeing nothing good in them. That any talent is a fluke, and they are incapable of greatness. This is book is a reminder that support is needed and necessary in the life a Black male child. They need to see that the only way out is through! Education is still a tool and a weapon–make no mistake. Representation is still a problem! We a culture are not on even footing to win until us a Black men and Black women have the same access to win!

Black boys should be allowed to dream as vividly as anyone else–besides dreams given pertaining to a ball or entertainment. They are more, should be more and must be more! When you teach a Black boy to lead, how to lead, and why he must–you make him a King. Let start being Kingmakers again. The world needs them.

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