28 Days Of Blackness: Remembering SUGARFREETV On YouTube!

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I got introduced to YouTube from my English 3100 class in 2010. I had been in a vacuum of children’s programs and cable that I couldn’t be broken out of. And from that initial meeting, I got introduced to the following cast of characters–oddly whom are no longer on the platform: Petrilude (a makeup artist), B.Scott (yes, THAT B.Scott!) and SugarfreeTV.

What I loved about SugarfreeTV is she was unlike any other Black woman I had seen on that platform to date! She was funny, insightful, and seemed out of step with the rest of the world. Meaning, she seemed to be an old soul. My group of girlfriends at the time liked the channel, and I started watching it and at their urging. With that said, I loved her content! It ranged from book reviews, relationships, fashion, makeup, and her antics living in New York City. And I being a fellow Midwest kid that wanted to move to New York, I was living my best life through her.

I followed her through careers, her relationship with her boyfriend, her pregnancy and even her returning to school. I watched her grow and glow as I did the same thing! She was like the internet bestie I always wanted. The thing which struck me– which endeared her to me to the point I wanted her to win so bad!–was her authenticity. SugarfreeTV, known affectionally by her first name, Shira, was always herself. Unflinching. Unphased. Unmoved.

She was herself.

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This is a screenshot of Shira in her Amy Winehouse Tribute series on her channel a few years ago.

At last count, Shira is finishing her physics degree. Oh, she’s hella brilliant! And she hasn’t had time to update the channel or upload content, plus she’s a Mama! Yet, I miss her. I really do. I miss having her videos play in the background as I clean up or when I can’t sleep at night. I miss her commentary on life as we know it and what to be on the look at for in your own progress. I miss my YouTube bestie!

But I am proud of her. I am happy for all the progress she is making in her life, and how dedicated she is to her personal growth, career path, while aware she is Black in whatever space she is in! It is amazing to see her transition from the chic girl on the YouTube channel to the woman that is owning all aspects of herself in pursuit of what she knows God has for her. Although she has taken down her page, I look forward to her return! I know she’s in the middle of saving the world, but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t make the world of all the people who watched for her in theirs.

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