28 Days Of Blackness: The Work Of Georgia Fort

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Torches, meet Georgia Fort.

In my brief time on TikTok, I have become a fan of the Black women on that app that report local and national news, as well as politics. It through that connection through my girl @slackedstacked, that I was introduced to Georgia Fort. I love to see Black women with cameras, and in journalism roles. So, I was intrigued to say the least! I liked her mix of professionalism and being personable. With her candor and confidence, I thought she had a little more swag than the average independent journalist! Then, I find this on her site:

Georgia Fort is a two-time Emmy nominated journalist. Her reporting has been published on CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS affiliates. Her mission as a storyteller is to change the narrative by amplifying truth, siting diverse sources and contextualizing social justice issues.
Since 2019 Georgia has actively produced and published digital content independently in efforts to activate her own platform, create opportunities for other creators and to be a pioneer of the future of news. Her work ethic and powerful approach to storytelling landed her a spot as an associate producer for PBS Frontline’s American Voices.
In 2020 she worked as a field producer for the NBC Today Show online where she helped create a piece about the Say Their Names Cemetery in Minneapolis. Her passion for community inspired her work as a producer of the award winning short “George Floyd: It Happened Here” and her contributions as co-director of “Amazon Prime’s Rondo: Beyond The Pavement”.

It’s the excellence for me! What Georgia is doing is amazing! In fact, in 2020 she founded BLACK PRESS, on top of being 2019 SPNN Producer of the Year? Our girl is out here telling our stories from the vantage point of unflinching/unwhitewashed Blackness? It’s marvelous to see.

There are so many stories to be told, Torches! There is so much happening in the world, and I need you all to understand the value and the power of what she is doing! I need you all to understand the power of a narrative, even when it is a lie. On her website there is a donate option, either monthly or one-time donations. If you cannot find it in your budget to donate financially, make sure that you are following Georgia on social media. On her site she is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In.

Georgia is a whole Torch! And I am here for all the fire she is bringing.

[image taken from Georgia Fort’s Facebook page]

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