Chile, where do I begin!

Malcolm & Marie are stressing the culture out, Ms. Marie Wells passed away, old racists are still being old racists, NeNe Leaks got dropped by her team, the SECOND Impeachment Trial is happening, and the manufacturers of Gorilla Glue had to come out and say their product is not made for hair! I keep saying it, and I will continue to say it until this state of complete disbelief dissipates: Where is Rod Serling?!

Let’s get it!

#MaryWells #BLACKHISTORYMONTH2021 #Music #Motown #Legend #TheSupremes #Harmony #Hits #Classics #SheCanSingToo

Mary Wells, Florence Ballard and Diana Ross.

These are the names that I grew up with in my childhood. I knew who The Supremes and Marvin Gaye were before I ever knew who The Jacksons were! In being honest and transparent, Mary was always the prettier of the three–but that’s just me. In hearing of her passing this week, it reminded me of how I felt about and when Whitney Houston died almost a decade ago. That is still so hard to fathom! In losing Mary, it feels like the stars are fading. They are fading faster than any of us can comprehend! And it redoubles (or should redouble) the effort to celebrate our legends while they are here! I guess here and Florence can shade Diana Ross for being the oldest Supreme now, right?

Quick! Go get bubble wrap for Diana!

#GorillaGlue #IsThe CloutOrCap #ThisIs #SocialMediaWhy #Idk #WhyLord #HowLord #ICAINT #ThisIsBullsh!t #DuringBlackHistoryMonth #TheAncestorsAreNotPleased

I saw this video on TikTok (@whatjayesaid) and dueted it. I screamed laughing because I could not fathom someone was that dumb! And to find out that this person is a mother, over 25, and has 5 children?! With an in-home daycare?! C’mon now, sis! Come on! You cannot expect the world to think that this is nothing but clout! I will say this. I am happy that she got help, I’m glad that she is alright, but this is something else! How can you—I only have questions and observations for this. Those are peppered with sympathy. The fact the company why which makes this industrial strength apoxy had to make a statement reiterating its use? Y’all. I know we are all bored in the house, but there are better uses of your time! There is a TikTok account that I follow (@foreverflyy) who thinks she never did this, and is all for clout? That is a hell of a way to get clout, fam! That is the some for real Wizard chess, and I don’t think that’s what it is. She clearly was embarrassed and in distress, and collective Blackness drug her (rightfully so) for not reading the can. The woman as a GoFundMe and verified social media accounts. I promise you, when things like this happen? I believe I am doing life wrong.

#NeNeLeaks #RHOA #Bravo #CallItWhatItIs #NothingPositive #LightReading #TheyAllQuit #HowTheCaptainGotNoTeam #ThisIsSad #DoBetter #WaitingAndSeeing

I will tell you this: I never liked NeNe. I thought she was loud, did too much, and was mean to her husband and son. I have never watched ONE SEASON of the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA or anywhere else for that matter! It wasn’t something that really interested me. However, I’m happy that the women on RHOA are making their bag, and doing what they need to do in order to keep winning. But I honestly was done with NeNe when she had that Birkin bag she had all her catch phrases put on! For context–a CHEAP Birkin bag is better than $30K. I mean, spend your money how you want sis, but you can’t be out here biting the hand that feeds you!

I consider her the more visible version of Tiffany “New York” Pollard! I can’t stand that wench either–I think that she does too much and has no real talent. But, by all means–do you sis! Make all bags! But the thing is, now there is stank in the camp. How is it that all of these people are walking away from you? Why are you accusing BRAVO of racism? Why is it that you are known to tell the production of RHOA what you weren’t going to do–when BRAVO pays YOU?! See! I’m all for Black women getting a fair shake, positioning themselves to win, and dismantling the system that makes us invisible. But this, with her team walking away from her after her claims of racism with and against BRAVO? No. There is something else missing here. There has to be!

I hope she can find her way back from this with and from the words of Queen Bee: “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.”

This was a little light this week, Torches. We deserve it! In the meantime, stay safe. We love you. See y’all next week!

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