28 Days Of Blackness: In Remembering Whitney Elizabeth Houston

Image result for 80's whitney houston
This is one of my favorite pictures of Whitney Houston.

Through my Facebook memories, it was reminded that Whitney Houston died on this date nine years ago. It does not feel as if it were nine years. All that talent, all that power–just gone from the world. In being transparent, I have hated Bobby Brown ever since. I truly have. I understand that we all have struggles and bullshit exes, but this? Losing her? Losing her like this? This seems like a whole other level of unfair! I mean, this is Whitney! WHITNEY! Let me tell you why this rocked me so hard.

I was born in 1981. The first song I remember jamming to aside from Control by Janet Jackson was So Emotional and I Dance With Somebody. Now, make no mistake! I am a happy alto and know I could never hit any of those notes. But I liked her because she looked like–me. She was so talented, Torches. And to realize that she is gone, and been gone that long? And Bobby still living and got all her money? Like?! This seems like the most long term hustle I have ever seen! But, I digress. Back to Whitney.

This is what happens when you think that people are immortal. But this is the blessing (and curse) of the Arts. Music is one of those parts of the Arts (like Drama) which grant immortality! Like right now, I can got to Apple Music and find almost all of her catalog! We won’t even get into POSE using old Whitney Classics for the first two seasons of the show! It was EVERYTHING! In realizing that Whitney has been done this long is realizing she is really gone. And so is her daughter…which is more devastating! I miss her. I truly do. I wonder what would have happened if she had gotten sober, been clean and been who she wanted to be other than Mrs. Bobby Brown?

I miss Whitney. I miss her a lot! I still dance around and lip sync to So Emotional. I realize how fleeting time is, and I wonder just what it means sit on talent. I wanted more for Whitney, and more for myself. Her winning and getting herself where she wanted to be was the same thing I wanted for myself. I wanted to see her win–Lord knows she deserved it! But perhaps, she did. The rest and quiet she wanted in life, she has now. Heaven has its First Soprano back, and she’s safe and sound.

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