28 Days Of Blackness: Black Editors Matter–The Power Of I. Am. Editing Ink.

“Fueled by her desire to make her mark as an independent editor, Adrienne Michelle Horn is deeply committed to making the literary world a better place one successfully edited project at a time.” -from I. Am Editing Ink.

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When I started this writing/blogging journey 7 years ago, I had no where to start from. I didn’t know any other indie writers outside of the writers that I knew. I certainly didn’t know any other editors! When I started my podcast, The Writers’ Block, it was Adrienne who was first to be interviewed. I found her on Facebook and I was impressed by her poise, her knowledge and her ability to create opportunities to introduce writing or editing wherever she was! In doing this editing work, especially with indie authors, two things are essential:

1.) Your client has to trust you.

2.) Your client must know what an editor does and does not do.

Enter I. Am Editing Ink.

indie copyeditor
Meet Adrienne Horn, Owner and Executive Editor of I Am Editing Ink. She’s amazing.

What I like about the work that Adrienne does (and trust me, she is good at it!) is that she is honest about the process of editing–start to finish! Adrienne doesn’t limit herself to just editing manuscripts. She does the following:

  • Resumes
  • Websites/Blogs
  • Manuscripts
  • Publications
  • Dissertations/Thesis

Yes, our girl edits Thesis papers (Master’s level) and dissertations (Doctoral level)! When I asked her about this previously, she said that a dissertation is basically a book, and it has be treated as such! One of the reasons why I respect Adrienne is because she is a wealth of information! In doing this work of writing, it is essential to know people who can help you or ask questions of!

The world of publishing is still very much non-Black. There are editors whom will take your money and never read a word of what you may have fought to write! There are editors whom will look at the first pages of your work and seeing anything that they believe cannot be marketed (namely the AAVE in certain cases), they refuse to read anymore! As a writer who wants access to this world, you need people that speak its language, we well as people that can tell you how to fix what it is you have written! Writing will always be the hard part, but having an editor you can trust whom will advocate as well as instruct, is invaluable. Good editors give you tools and constructive criticism.

It’s not always about the red pen–it’s about developing the work you wrote to be as amazing that it can be!

It can never be overstated the power that telling a story has. It also is a essential as a minority writer to have someone that you can trust to look over your work, and help you develop it! Even during this pandemic I have seen Adrienne on virtual workshops giving advice and help to those, for those that want to take writing seriously. Even on her website, she has an online course for those that are serious about becoming a writer called ITS WORTH THE WRITE BOOK PUBLISHING COURSE. In this course, she teaches everything from genre, formatting, even to marketing! As an indie author, these things are essential to know. A good editor will only add–never take away.

The narrative, even in your own life, cannot be challenged unless you have the courage to do it. One of the boldest ways to change your life is to write it down. If you find that bravery in you, begin to write–and go see Adrienne.

Black Writers Matter.

Black Editors Matter.

Shameless plug: Adrienne also sells journals! Grab a few and support Black businesses! All these are found under the SHOP link of her site.




[all images taken from I. Am Editing Ink]

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