28 Days Of Blackness: Salt And Pepper Slay Is Saving The Day!

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When encountering a woman of power, you always want to pay attention to everything she might say. I met the marvelous Kelly Heflin through Facebook about 7 years ago. At the time, she was a cosmetologist a self-proclaimed ‘well-manicured pit viper.’ What I liked about Kelly was she was talented, ambitious, and gorgeous. As our sisterhood on social media grew, I paid attention to her grace, supported what she was doing as it related to her beauty industry pursuits, and paid attention to her recommendations over skin care and makeup. Kelly is the big sister, I wish I had.

So, when she began this site, I was completely on board to support!

As a Black woman whom loves makeup and fashion, I understand that the beauty industry does not see me. I understand, and have for some time, that the beauty industry does not prize or consider women that look like me. The most demonstrable evidence of that is the a simple process of finding a foundation that matches! I remember having to either mix two shades and hope for the best, or look ashen! When I found my magic shade through MAC Cosmetics (NW 40 in the winter, NW 43 in the summer) and Fashion Fair (Pecan), I cried. Invisibility is devastating, especially when you only want to do what every other woman does–wear make up.

What I love about what Kelly has done is she has made me more confident in my own skin! Her recommendations through her website are honest, and they work! When she was featured in the Laura Geller Cosmetics print ad, I shouted! Now, I knew that Kelly was a model (She stands over 6 feet tall), and when you see her pose? You know she still has it–and it’s never going anywhere.

Kelly often reminds those that follow her the importance of skin care, that makeup only enhances what it is you already have, and even the right way to soak off your nails! As any queen, she constantly drops jewels that edify–that remind women that to be confident, developing that confidence is more important than how well your lashes are applied. It matters more how you see yourself, rather than how the world will see you. She is known to have said in regards to making people comfortable with her presence this, “They will adjust. When I come in the room, I am a gift.”

With being months from 40, I don’t fear that number as before. I own every year. When I put on makeup now, I remember the words of my big sister, and know that all I am doing is enhancing what is there–I am just as beautiful with a face that is naked. I smile because I know without a doubt now that I don’t have to fear calendars or birthday candles. Then, I remember to put on my night cream, the one she recommended, of course.

With her platform, Salt And Pepper Slay, she is encouraging those who follow her to embrace the aging. Build confidence, and if make up is what makes you happy, to wear it. Thank you, Kelly!

Keep slaying! We are all watching.

Quick list of Salt And Pepper Slay recommendations:

Clearsteam Skincare Clearity Serum

Dior Mascara

L’Oreal Revitalift Night cream

Laura Geller Brightening Foundation

Cream of Nature Pure Honey Shrinkage Defense Curl Activator

[image taken from IG (@saltandpepperslay)]

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