President Biden is out here trying to fix four years in four weeks, Screech is dead, Kyle Rittenhouse is missing, allies are being outed, and Tom Brady is going back to the Super Bowl with his 43-year-old knees and shoulders! And I still shout every time Madam Vice President Kamala Harris swears in someone! We might just make it!

Let’s get it!

#MustyMajorie #Government #HowLong #SpaceLasers #Wildfires #LowIQAnon #ThisIsCrazy #FactsOverFeelings #IntellectuallyDishonest #TheRealityStone

There are five Infinity Stones. Those Infinity Stones power the Infinity Gauntlet, and that Gauntlet was used by Thanos, and killed half of all life in the universe! It was the Avengers that were able to reverse the snap (thanks to the unsung MVP The Incredible Hulk!), and the heroic nature of Iron-Man to vanquish him!

I am still not over this. But, moving on.

This is a comic book movie, based in an alternate reality, but even in this–THERE WAS NO SPACE LASERS! There were no lasers used to defeat anyone, so if the Avengers didn’t lasers, why does a member of a legislative body believe that Jewish space lasers caused wildfires in California! Why does she get access and pay to a belong to a legislative body that uses facts to make decisions? How is this possible? How is this life? How is she able to be on a committee for education and labor?

I am relieved that she was removed from this committee. I am relieved that she has been revealed to be the insane, racist, conspiracy theorist she is! She is dangerous, and she is an indicator of what the GOP NOW IS! She is the present and future of the Republican party, and they cannot get over that. There is no separating her, Lauren Boebert or the GOP from the League of Supervillains/Evil Mutants they have supported in Right-wing media, 4Chan, Parler, NewMax, Fox News, or the account of the former 45th President!

These chickens have come home to roost–and brought wolves with them.

#DustinDiamond #ScreechPowers #CancerSucks #ThisIs #SavedByTheBell #WhereIsZackMorrisIsTrash #Television #WeRemember

I was shocked to hear that Dustin Diamond had cancer. I was sadder to hear it was Stage 4. I was shocked and saddened to hear that he died! I mean is, he was, only 5 years older than I am! I know that the world remembers what a douche he became and was on social media, and the antics that he did (especially with the book BAYSIDE CONFIDENTIAL)–it is still sad this happened, man! It is sad this man is dead from cancer in a global pandemic at 44 man! I think that the cast of the old Saved By The Bell was problematic, and petty–and I can completely see that happening (because teenagers are problematic, so teenagers with money are especially problematic!), so I’m sure that impacted how he acted in the public eye.

This is sad. This is so sad. I hope he can finally rest now.

#WhereIsWaldo #ThatBailIsGone #DomesticTerrorism #Kenosha #ThereIsNoReason #BailJumping #GunReform #GunReformNow

Everyone that put in for bail on the domestic terrorist that killed two people in Kenosha , WI LOST that money. And I am laughing at them! Like pointing and laughing! His bail was $2 million, and now he is missing! MISSING! Missing with privilege, a mother that will cape for him, and money from a GoFundMe! How is this life! This can only happen to white people–only WHITE PEOPLE!

I was taught if you did something that you are proud of what you did, unafraid of the consequences, then you have no need to run. You mean to tell me a white, radicalized domestic terrorist, with an enabling mother, has money and has jumped bail–after being transported out of state with an AK-47, who killed two people? Yeah, what is the worst that could happen?

See you next week!

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