28 Days Of Blackness: The Wonder Of Chanel Hardy-Celebrating Coffee Wine & Words

The following image is from the Spring 2021 issue of COFFEE WINE & WORDS. For more about this magazine, please visit hardypublications. com. Love you, Chanel.

Read it. And read it again.

I am fan of Chanel Hardy. I am a fan of her and all that she does! In her unapologetic Blackness, she has created universes for wolves and witches, transwomen, queer women, and even her latest novel P.S. I HOPE THIS FINDS YOU, she has written her episotolery novel (this is a novel written with just letters)! She is a friend, a sounding board, and the editor of the indie magazine Coffee Wine & Words.

In doing this work of writing, especially as a Black woman, it is scary. It can be overwhelming! There are so many avenues to succeed on, but so many more to be discouraged on! One of the reasons why I admire her so much is she consistently pushes her talent, explores it, invests in it while making new opportunities for it! I trust Chanel because her drive and passion for the written word matches my own! She is one of the people whom I bounce ideas off whom I know (and trust) will not shy away from her opinion or water it down because it’s me! For this reason, she is in my inner circle.

So, when she told me about the magazine that she wanted to start? I was all in. Why? Simple: BLACK WRITERS NEED TO SUPPORT BLACK WRITERS. I see what she is trying to do, I understand the struggle of what she was trying to do, and I know what it is like to do this writing work with little to no support. Why would I want another writer to ever go through that? Why would I want another writer who looks like me to be stymied because I’m either jealous or don’t believe in them?

No. Never.

The American literature, this American writing experience, is not complete without the storytelling of Black people. Especially, without the storytelling of Black women. From traditionally published, indie authors with some success, even to the writers whom are blogging and selling books out of the trunks of their car! Visibility and support are essential to Black writers, and can never be overstated.

COFFEE WINE & WORDS is her literary magazine she started last year which is Black woman-led, staffed by Black women, and celebrates Black writers! She did that! The galvanizing quote is this, said by the Editor -In-Chief herself: “I waned to create opportunities. And she did–and she is! For this, I am grateful to know her.

I am a fan of Chanel. I support Chanel. I am proud of Chanel. I am here for Chanel. Go support Chanel!

Keep going, Chanel! We read you…and see you.

Black Writers Matter.

Here is a brief bibliography for Chanel (find her on Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble (barnesandnoble.com)


My Colorblind Rainbow

The Harvest Moon Saga

P.S. I Hope This Finds You

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