28 Days Of Blackness: The Celebration of VERZUZ

Backstory: Verzuz, is an American webcast series created by producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, that airs on Verzuz TV. Verzuz was introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic as a virtual DJ battle, with Timbaland and Swizz Beatz facing off in its first iteration through an Instagram Live broadcast in March 2020.

Watch Verzuz TV Live Stream Free

Black folk are magical, and no one can tell me different!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been one of the scariest things I have witnessed as an adult person. And like most times in my life, I have turned to music to cope. Since the ancestors arrived on these shores in chains 402 years ago, music has been an integral part of our experience as Black people. In the face of everything happening around us, why would music not be one of the things that allow us to go on?

Enter the super producer beat/hit-maker Timbaland. Enter visionary Swizz Beats. Enter VERZUZ.

The thing which is so powerful about this is the fact it exists! The fact that these musicians, realizing the power of music, realize just how essential it is for morale, survival and a reminder that we all are yet alive and remain! The first time I heard of VERZUZ was through social media, and I almost missed the first VERZUZ (which was between Erykah Badu and Jill Scott) because I was doing laundry! It took our beloved Social Media Coordinator and her vigilance around all things unapologetically Black that this was going to happen!

I remember folding towels, smiling at the conversation better Erykah and Jill, and not pushing away the memories that came up as the songs played. I’m old enough now to truly ascribe a memory to a song, being transported back to that exact place; remembering what I wore, who I was with, or even who I wanted to be with.

VERZUZ is medicine! VERZUZ is a celebration of culture! I hope it doesn’t end once this COVID-19 pandemic becomes more controlled! There are more people I want to see go head to head! Here are some dream combinations (for me):

T.I. VERZUZ Lil Wayne

Lil Kim VERZUZ Eve (This would be EPIC!)

Janelle Monae VERZUZ SZA

David Banner VERZUZ Common

The one thing I have taken way from these VERZUZ collaborations is the (continued) power of music! How epic its influence is–as well as the essential need for artists! No matter how chaotic the world is, there will always be a need for artists.


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