The book THE PROFESSIONAL TROUBLEMAKER: THE FEAR FIGHTER MANUAL is available for pre-order on Amazon (in Hardback, Kindle and Audible (read by the author herself), as well as luvvie.org. The official release date is March 2, 2021. Support Black authors.

Thank you.

Professional Troublemaker – Podcast – Podtail

If you have watched this space for any length of time, you know that I am fan of Luvvie Ajayi Jones. You know that I am a fan of her side eye, her shoe game, and her commitment to all things unapologetic and Black. I have followed her on social media for years, I follow her blog, save her TED Talks–she is part of the writer’s group in my head. I am a proud part of the LUVV NATION.

With being a fan of hers, I, of course followed her RANTS AND RANDOMNESS podcast. As of late 2020, and now 2021, that podcast has become the Professional Troublemaker podcast. What I love about this podcast is that it affirms everything in me that is ambitious, visionary and driven. In this space, on this podcast, the word ‘No’ doesn’t exist! There are no ceilings, and there is no one to tell you, “Don’t try this, no one will support you! You might as well quit or don’t start!” This podcast kicks over fear, project, doubt and self-sabotage.

The podcast has been a sort of Sunday Service for me. It has allowed me to take a deep breath, readjust my own vision and dreams for my life–and do them. Truly, DO them! What this podcast encourages all it’s listeners to do is get in what Congressman John Lewis called ‘good trouble.’ Here, at The Ideal Firestarter, we like (and cause!) ‘good trouble.’

This podcast, run by a writer, is one that reminds me to face the things that scare me. Why is this important? Facing your fears (no matter what they are) is essential because to give into them will stymie you. Fear will lie to you, hinder you, and make you waste time–the most precious commodity we can ever have! Luvvie calls fear ‘the everlasting hater’. I completely agree! Fear can be respected, it is there for a reason. However, some fears cannot be reasoned with!

The fear that keeps you from running a red light, is not the same fear that stops you from writing a book.

The fear that makes you act to save the life of your child, is not the same far that stops you from taking a class on how to start a business or to raise money for a non-profit you want to start!

Fear is natural, and it also need to be exposed when it becomes something which intends to offset the course of your entire life! For that reason, we (sometimes) need help to discern what fear is protective and what fear is just obscuring your vision! This podcast reminds me to do just that: I can acknowledge the fear without accepting it.

Professional Troublemakers are world changers. We see the world as it is, and can be. These things are scary, yes. But they are not impossible! If we believe and are stopped by ‘the everlasting hater’, how can we ever do the work we need to do? This is why we cannot let fear win…even if we wanted to! Rather than give up in that desert of doubt, we have this podcast as an oasis. Along with an accompany book to read as we plot how to change the world.

Thank you, Luvvie.

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