Black History Is Here. We Make It Daily…

Oh, this is an entire mood, Torches!

This is my favorite time of year, dear Torches.

The month of February, this February, feels different, is different. For that reason, I approach this particular Black History Month with hope, pride and a sense of justice. For the past four years, we as a people in this nation have lived under the tyranny of the 45th President. Everything felt like survival! Everything! So, for this February, after the end of his term and everything of value of this nation being rebuilt, perhaps this month is chicken soup–for us.

A month to recalibrate. A month to celebrate. A month to recognized and remember what we have done, and how far we have left to go. Our ancestors were light, heat and smoke for us–so we will be Torches for those that come after us.

Follow us this month as we explore the real, the righteous, the introspective and the incredible in 28 days. Black history is every day, and we celebrate it every day. And this year is motivation to take our excellence wherever we go.

Follow us as we light the way, Torches.

We have so much further to go.

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