The Road Through 2021: It’s Almost Over!

And…Firestarters are College graduates!

I could praise dance my way through these next few months! Thank God
my matriculation is almost over! I’ve watched my peers graduate and move on with
their lives in awe of how they mastered academia. And now that I’m up next? I couldn’t
be any more excited!

Life has been trial after trial these past four years. “the best four
years of your life” was every bit of a lie in my case! I have never wanted to give up so
many times. But I’m at the finish line now! Although sometimes it still doesn’t quite
feel worth it, I feel accomplished!

So many semesters I spent crying, feeling like I was being made a mockery of my
past self because I couldn’t measure up to many people in my classes or around me on
campus. I wanted to drop out and let it be over so many times–and now I’m here.

I’m here after academic probation and other personal tragedy and shenanigans I won’t mention after things I still won’t mention allowed, and I’m graduating!

As much as I want to say that this is just about me and my triumph, it isn’t!

This is about the people, just like me, who have had similar experiences, who didn’t want
to be a student anymore. Or people who only went to school for their family’s appeal, who failed
some semesters–to them, I say this. You are worthy of being here, and it is worth it! I’m sure I said it in
another blog post, but I want to stress it and the importance of education.
Nothing is greater than your drive and strength in these four (give or take) years.

I feel set free in so many ways, and as I think about the
people around me and thank God and the universe a thousand times over for letting me
be one of the lucky few to be afforded a post-secondary education. If I hadn’t had the
matriculation that I did, I could be like so many others around me: lost on so many
aspects of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no genius, but I know a lil somethin’
somethin’ after four years of college! For that, I am so thankful.

Go be great and see it for yourself! The finish line looks beautiful from where I’m at.


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