For 2021: I Dream A Dream

Admin Note: This is the first of two of the last articles to be done by our own, Jaiyda Tyler. We are proud of her and wish her well on the next stage of her journey. -JBHarris

After my recent late-night scrolling on Twitter, I stumbled across a woman talking
about her and her girlfriend’s time overseas in Bali, Indonesia (A dream destination of

I was all in.

Kristen Gray (Twitter: @kristentootie), spoke so beautifully
and added so many amazing visuals of her home overseas and how, for just $400 a
month, she and her girlfriend live in a beautiful treehouse!

Every second of every day, I dream of a life like that! Granted, I can only imagine it took a great deal of trial and error to even think to move so far from the life they once knew; take up living in
communities that may have looked vastly different from their ones at home.

Although I’m sure it’s much more to Bali than sunsets and affordable luxury houses, I do want to stretch
the need for Black people to do things that are out of the “norm”. Explore and don’t be
afraid to move to a country richer in culture and experiences! Go to these places;
learn their native languages; contribute to the communities that uplift their members,
and live life!

From 21 years on this Earth and a few of those making up my young adult years, one
thing that has been undoubtedly common is people speaking fear over your plans and
dreams! One thing is this: Kristen Gray didn’t let happen!

She didn’t let that stop her from going and seeking a life meant for her at the current time!

I applaud that; I am mesmerized by the strength and hope that so many adults, young or old, take from situations like that and just go once we’re out of this whole mess of a pandemic!

Now, I’m not saying go and move, thinking you’ll live a vacation lifestyle forever. But go and see that the United States isn’t the end all be all because it’s convenient and familiar–and not “scary” to
others. Life is full of experiences greater and broader than our minds sometimes, so I
encourage everyone to seek them out!


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