This is the first RUNITBACK FRIDAY of the Biden-Harris Administration!

‘Hammerin’ Hank Aaron died at age 86.

TikTok is on fire, Dr. Fauci is back on TV, the Verzuz with Ashanti and Keri Hilton was trash at worst; ratchet at best, President Biden is pulling up and put the shenanigans planted by Orange Thanos, Bernie is slaying with the mittens giving all the ‘I don’t want to be here because it’s cold’ moods, BRIDGERTON is going to have 7 more seasons (I haven’t watched the first one!), Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama slayed the ENTIRE PLANET! Whew, chile!

Let’s get it!

#Inaguration #Fashions #Music #Joy #FLOTUS #VP #SwingCoats #Overcoats #JewelTones #Chic #HereForIt #LovedAllOfIt #Celebration #CantNobodyDoItLikeOurForeverFLOTUS

I need you all to know that fashion and style are weapons in any woman’s arsenal. They are skills! They are tools! And it is the presence and power of woman that ‘make’ and outfit. Now, I have always loved fashion (I’m a shoe/bag girl myself!) and play with style often. It’s all about expression.

When I saw Michelle’s outfit? Complete with hair and lashes? Oh, yes! It was truly all I needed! It was all I NEEED! It was this affirmation of the grace that was lost in the FLOTUS position in the last four years, and a reminder of what we as a nation had! Dr. Biden looked gorgeous in her teal/baby blue, with matching mask. She was glowing, and it was amazing! But Michelle murdered ever other woman’s outfit!

That said, I need a burgundy overcoat!

Note: My mother has always told me that as a woman you need three coats: a casual, dress coat (here it would be an overcoat), and a winter coat of some sort. But it is a reminder that style is something that not everyone has–and no one has style like Black women do.

#46 #PresidentBiden #Day3 #QueueTheWiz #SoMuchToDo #Whew #CallTheLawOrThe Lord #Progress #WhewChile #StopMitch #MadamVicePresident #MadamVicePresidentHarris

President Biden has so much to do. There is so much that needs to be done! I mean, it is not lost on me that President Biden is not a young man–doing the job of a young man! However, with all that is going on, perhaps it is wisdom we need right now–and that will translate to energy for the younger around him. I mean, he’s signing executive orders, in effect, ripping up everything that Orange Thanos did. And these 3 days have felt like a month. Whew!

On the flipside, seeing Vice President Harris in her job! Doing it seamlessly! Doing it as well as anyone could? I mean, I cried at her swearing in! I cried! I had the Inauguration celebration on until about 7:00pm that night! I didn’t want to miss any of this, all while trying to remember to breathe. To not be afraid. To keep my head on a swivel along with/as good as any Secret Service agent!

They are installed in their offices, yes. I exhaled again. And from that exhale, I cried. I cried because I had to remember that this almost didn’t happen. It almost DIDN’T happen.

#GetToWork #Actvism #Fight #Resist #RememberToVote #MidTerms #Democracy #HeadOnASwivel #PayAttention #AllWinsNoLosses #NoMoreLosses

The Democrats need to hand the Republicans every ounce of light, heat and smoke! Every ounce, every scrap, every pound! We have the House, the Senate and the White House! We need to keep it as long as possible! There are too many things that have to get passed! Evil Yurtle the Turtle cannot have any more power that he has now!

Torches, keep your heads on a swivel. These people are unscrupulous! We have to be smart, we have to keep voting, we have to stay organized, while loving and supporting one another! Don’t get complacent! Don’t think because Biden is in, all is well.

You’re half-right.

Let’s get to work! Joe and Kamala can’t do it all themselves!

There is so much to unpack from this last week, Torches! So many other things I can say! Just know that my head is on a swivel–as yours should be.

See you next week!

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