What I Want For 2021-Part 2

Feeling like Shonda today. Mother. Writer. Mogul.

Today, I am setting my intention for myself, as well as for all of you. The dear people, my Torches, OUR TORCHES, that come to this part of the world for a laugh, a sip of wisdom, or a reminder that being Black is a little dangerous, but it’s lit!

As I grin today because my Vice President looks like me, I have made it my mission to embrace the journey. The mountains, as well as the valleys. The storms and all the scorching heat. I have made up my mind that I will not live with people believing that they have final say over my life!

And neither should you.

There are so many things that are ahead of us, Torches! That are inside of us, that are bursting to get out–and sometimes we die with them. This shouldn’t be so! Sometimes the biggest hinderance to us–is US! This fear of exposed or out there doing a new thing with no support! But yet, and it bears repeating, fear has killed more dreams that failure ever did! Or ever will!

Be brave, Torches!


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