What I Want For 2021-Part 1

At present, Gamora is mood.

What I want for 2021? It goes beyond a resolution.

I want everything, Torches.

Every. Thing.

I am between this spectrum: RESTING VS GO A LITTLE HARDER.

Since I did this radical thing of believing in myself, I find myself thinking about what I want versus what I need. I find myself in this tightrope act of trying to see what all I need to do, versus what will people think if I do it! The thing is, this year–I wanted to change that.

Needed to change that.

I have lived in the shadow of people, expectations, and sitting on my talents to make other people feel better. I refuse to do that anymore. What the Orange Thanos administration showed me is I need to possess the confidence of a mediocre White man.

I mean, my swag is different now! What I want for myself is different, how I move is different. I am focusing on myself, my healing and believing…in myself!

That same peace, that same power, I want you all to have and keep, Torches! So, let me say this.

You are more talented that you know. Your life is not made to be in a shadow. You are not meant to be the punching bag for angry people, nor a rehab/transitional house for them. Your spirit, your energy, your time, your life are all precious! You cannot afford to live your life waiting on other people to approve of you or what you will do!

You have the final say so in your life. You get first choice on what you want to do. You get to decide whether or not your experiences or wins…or lessons. Let this year be the last year you sleep on you to make other people comfortable.

Give the world all the light, heat and smoke–because you can!

Keep going!

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