We See You 2020–Gimme This Wig You Put On 2021!

This is still how I am responding to 2021…

Torches, 2021 isn’t even two weeks old and she is up in here trying to wreak havoc and confusion! And sis is musty! She is musty like 2020 was! That same residue 2020 had, is hand in hand with that ‘everyone still might die’ energy that 2016 had!

With that said, keep your head on a swivel, Torches! Be mindful where you go, who you are with, and where you are going when you are with certain people. I really feel the need to reiterate these practical things, Torches! This is a new year, with new, crazy stuff happening. We need to both be aware…and somehow hopeful.

Last year was stressful for so many people. Yet, I don’t think the world ‘stressful’ even suits specific situations that some people still find themselves in! I honestly am still recovering from last year myself! And those anxieties still creep up every now and then. They mainly circle around the care of my children–and what it means to take care of them, as well as myself.

The residue I feel, Torches, is valid. That anxiety is real! And I am fortunate that I haven’t been furloughed or fired from my job. I have been able to keep my head above water, and still working in healthcare! The writer of the book Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria?, Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum says this, “Hope is a discipline.”

I think this is the right attitude to have for 2021! We have to have hope! We have to! If not, then there is nothing to look forward to! There is nothing to look forward to…and dreaming is useless. Let’s not get there, Torches. Hope is always needed, will never be stupid! Consider hope the Clorox and Lysol needed to function through this world–they are indispensable! They seem to always be in short supply when they are most needed.

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