Talk About It Tuesday-01/12/2021

The Twitter hashstag #NoFlyList is giving me so much joy, Torches. It truly is! On this hashtag are memes, videos and pictures of the fallout of this 45 worshippers not being able to fly home after their involvement with the insurrection attempt on the Capitol Building! Chile, they are out here crying real crocodile, alligator and spider monkey tears, man!

I mean they really thought that they would be getting away with this! I mean they took off work; police are being found to have been involved with this; the wife of Clarence Thomas is reported to have sponsored 80 buses for this terrorist field trip; and people died! Died, Torches! And Michael Pence, the Vice Sith Lord to this Evil Empire decided not to vote for the 25th Amendment with 8 days left in this bullshit! Like?! Whiteness must be a hell of a drug for these people to be this AGHAST that the law isn’t just to terrorize, accost, oppress, or imprison non-White people! Like, Yo! You are now on the NO FLY LIST.

You know what that means, Karen?

You know that means, Kevin?

That means for the duration, you are not going to be able to get on a plane and fly–anywhere!

Just like this same group of people who think BLM protestors and supporters are Black-Identity Extremists? These people that participated in this insurrection are domestic terrorists radicalized by a 74 year old racist bigot who is about to be homeless. Nall. No one feels bad that you are on a terrorist watch list! No one care that you cried about it!

Y’all did say, umm–what was it? Oh, yes. I remember now.

“All Aboard The Trump Train!”

Well, I home that bad boy still got tickets, and don’t derail! Y’all gone need that to get home.

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