It’s 2021: Remember To Keep Starting Fires

There is nothing so bad than to be without hope.

Today Torches, I want you to remember just how much we have gone through this past year. I want you to remember that it did not crush you. But this is not a celebration that leads to toxic positivity! It anything it is a reminder that the the only way out is through.

Let me say it again, and I want you to say it with me:


There is no simpler way to say it, to relate it and for your to remember to not get stuck. I feel that in first parts of this now 11-day-old year, it is entirely possible to be stuck. To dwell, to remember everything that has been lost or never found again. This may be so, Torches, but it is not a condition to which we need to stay in. We can’t be! Last year was so stressful, so chaotic, and so trash that it is easy to fall into the rut of believing nothing about life can or will change.


This means confronting what is, accepting what was, and knowing what cannot happen again! Where you are now, is just that–where you are now. Where you want to be is going to require that you not stay where you are now–and that is the hardest thing, Torches.


If you follow this portion of the world, the you know what I mean when I say that you are a Torch or a Firestarter. In being a Firestarter means that you are one that brings light, head and smoke. Let’s break that down a little more because the only way out is through:

Light. The power to look a situation for what it is.

Heat. The power to change what you need to.

Smoke. The ability to blaze a trail, and leave evidence that you have changed what you needed to…with what you have inside of you.

Use what you have to get to where you must go–make no apology for that. Remember what I said, “The only way out is through.” See you on the other side, Torches. Keep your fires lit.

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