Firestarter Hotsheet: America Has A Vision Problem

It has taken me almost a week to digest what happened at the Capitol.

I have lived long enough to see red states flip, a Black man run the country for 8 years, and to see an insurrection sponsored by white nationalists, Clarence Thomas’s wife and the ideology of 74 million people in lock-step with someone clearly unhinged!

The fact remains that this nation has a problem calling terrorism what it is, especially with white faces. I am tired of the antics the spoiled white children of this nation perform, and want someone to wipe their faces! These terrorists murdered a police officer, and came with gear to take elected officials hostage! Thanks to the quick thinking of Eugene Goodman, God knows how many people he saved by diverting the mob of people with just his baton!

And no one is going to say the name of the terrorists who died in this insurrection! No one is going to start a hash tag for the veterans whom went the way of Timothy McVeigh! These people built a gallows to kill the Vice President, while the sitting US President WATCHED. To witness this on television confirmed that this was the biggest tantrum I have ever seen! There was even human feces smeared on the walls! Who does that other than animals marking their territory?

The most disturbing/non-disturbing thing about this is the police involvement. That the police waved their badges and let people through–when if the skin color of the protestors was as dark as their hearts, they would have shot them all as they ran–away.

I don’t want to hear anything else about the right type of protest.

I don’t want to hear about why the right feels this is coup is so right.

I don’t want to hear that ‘White privilege is a myth.’

Those conversations about how to change the world through ‘appropriate protest’ is over.

Also, do not expect the non-white populace to tend to this bitter, mean, white children when they are labeled as terrorists, arrested, but on NO FLY LISTS and thrown off planes! They deserve it!

The Republican’s are what the press called Al Capone at the height of his power, and at his demise: the culmination of an evil dream. They are no more than a gang. No more than a crime syndicate in lesser made suits. They continually show whom the gods they serve are money and power. They will believe any ideology, worship any idol, give any attention to those whom will give and grant them the most power. This denial of reality of what these packs of jackals did for the sake of power is evil. It is abhorrent.

It is just what these fathers of jackals do: feed and scavenge. Always for their own ends.

I will not weep for spoiled children whom feed on the blood of the oppressed, only to be met with opposition, even discipline when the same forced wielded against others–are turned on them. With equal, and appropriate, force.

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