Orange Thanos got put off Twitter, Call of Duty Navy Seals stormed a government building, Bestsy Debo DeVos resigned, and we have 12 days before President-elect Joesph R. Biden, Jr becomes the 46th President Joesph R. Biden, Jr. Chile. I get so tired.

Let’s get it!

#12Days #46 #864511032020 #WhenDoesItEnd #WhereWeGo #HereTFWeGo #BuckleUp #Narcissism #ThisIsBananas #VanillaIsis #YallQueda #RedneckJihadist

I will be honest with you, Torches. I do not have a good feeling about all of this. I, like the rest of the world, am waiting on Cinnamon Hitler Nero to JUST LEAVE! I even took off for the Inauguration because my Spidey sense just knew I shouldn’t be out among the delusion WHYTE people in Missouri. With all that anticipation, it is not lost on me as to what it means to be alive during this time! We legit living in V FOR VENDETTA! We are at the point of the movie (the absolute best part!) when V shows Evie what the end of his plan and tells Evie the decision to complete the plan is up to her! The Chancellor in this movie was deposed by the man entrusted to keep him safe, and it rescued the whole nation! I cannot help but think that the parallels are rational and practical–meaning that we still have to resist! Don’t you remember the power of November 5th? Don’t you remember the rhyme? RESIST!

#Twitter #OrangeThanosForTheSnap #AboutTime #TooLittleTooLate #HowAboutThat #BareMinimum #NotImpressed #TheSnapHappened

You have to be 13 to get on any social media platform. Now after this insurrection, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now have removed Orange Thanos from a social media megaphone! Wow! It only took people dying, and wrestling this device from a elderly toddler! I am not ‘happy’ this happened, because it is too little too late! There are too many things that have happened, and no one checked No one thought, or foresaw something like this occurring?! I don’t understand how people can want to celebrate this?! THE 45TH PRESIDENT IS A THREAT TO THE NATION AND ANY DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTION! HE IS A DOMESTIC TERRORIST! I refuse to be excited about this decision because there is blood on it! I cannot wait until Orange Thanos is gone!

See y’all next week!

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