It’s 2021! Please Don’t Touch Anything!

New Year 2021 Memes - The Tango
You heard Tyler Durden! This is the mascot for 2021. Fight me.

We made it over, Torches! Now that we have made to 2021, don’t touch nothing! Here are ten things which will help make this year LESS crazy than the one we barely made it out of:

1.) Channel your energy. If 2020 taught us nothing, it is that your personal energy is a commodity. Be careful what you donate it to, who you share it with, and what you allow to drain it.

2.) Remember life is fleeting. Katt Williams said it best, “Enjoy your motherfuckin’ life!” You have to! All we have heard about is LOSS for all of 2020! People losing money, jobs, relationships, housing, their minds and even lives! You must enjoy your lives, Torches! Don’t let the world suck the joy out of it!

3.) Don’t be tricked. What the past year has taught me is that distractions are everywhere! They are as bold, or as quiet as need be! Be intentional on what you want, what to do, and need to do! Distractions distract from destiny! Sometimes, dear Torches, the only way out is through.

4.) Relationships have expiration dates. This last year has been one that has forced me to realize which people never needed to be in my life, and who never should have left it. This last year has made me aware of the circles I travel in, as well as the ones that I need to be in. I am learning that the people in my world I either allow them to be in–or I put out.

5.) Love is a powerful thing. I am getting divorced for the second time. And in that devastation, there is a love I am developing for a whole other person: myself. Neglected, faithful, but everywhere I go–I am there. I encourage you to do the same. Before you love someone else–love you again,

6.) Laughing is still free. In the midst of the pandemonium breaking daily, I made the decision to still laugh. Even at myself. I refuse to allow the residue of the past year to snatch hope from me.

7.) Push your dream forward. Do not allow the fear of what you saw in 2020 to stop you from doing what you wanted to do in 2020. Keep going.

8.) It is okay if you ‘just can’t’ right now. The buzz through all of 2020 was “If 2020 doesn’t bring out the hustler in you, you don’t want it bad enough.” Let me offer this retort in the wisdom of Audre Lorde: Self care is a radical act. It is okay if the world is too hard right now to dream. It is okay if you are unable to gather strength to do anything else but keep going! You have the right to heal up, to rest and to remember ‘No’ is a complete sentence. Take care of you, dear one.

9.) When people show you who they are, believe them. The year of 2020 showed all of us who we could trust, who we could not, and who never needed to know our last name let alone anything else to do with us! In 2021, stop chasing people that offer you nothing. Stop running from people that offer you something new. You might need it (or like it).

10.) The pandemic isn’t over just because you’re over it. Wash your hands. Put your mask on. Put it on over your nose. Stay away from crazy people.

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