It’s the last TAIT for the year! And this is by FAR one of thee MOST RATCHET ones we have done! It’s so 2020! -JBHarris

Fam, you have got to be thee most trash human being outside of Orange Thanos. Gotta be! The fact that you concocted this scheme to pimp your ex (I believe the legal term is pandering), and she ‘mines of well’ let you help her get a bag? I’m sorry WHAT? All I have are questions! How can this even be a thing? How could you charge her 63% of an Only Fans take? How do you know she’s really know she’s pregnant? How did y’all even agree to this? What kind of man are you to be okay with this? I did not know the personification of raggedy B.A.D. existed in the form of a tweet! My guy, you need a mudhole stomped smooth in the back of your neck! This woman’s brother/uncle/besties/father needs to find you and slap you with every brick in a 2-bedroom house! The fact you said you would ‘give her some money upfront, what does that even mean? Money for what?! I really feel that this tweet is the personification of what it is like to date in the new millennium: some of what you find is without cause or explanation. To whomever this girl/ex girl/ potential bottom b!tch is, I leave this parting wisdom: There are easier ways to get a bag, Sis. There are! While I can neither judge nor knock what you feel you have to do to take care of yourself, be wary of you who you invite into such spaces. Be mindful of how people treat you, and what they are after. You are worth more than gyrations, tips and clicks! If that be what you want in the interim, don’t share you money with a dude that confuses the word might and mines.

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