A Year In Review-Being Essential In 2020

Here we go…

A year in review sounded awful after the year we’ve had. There was no part I wanted to “review” because everything felt like a losing battle from the very first day. You’ve probably read all the dreadful clichés about how we should be grateful to have made it; how we should be grateful to still be alive; and it might be exhausting for those who aren’t [grateful].

You don’t have to be content with just the fact that you made it to the end of a terrifying and daunting year. 

People toss around the idea that you need to be content with just breathing and being upright. But that’s not always the case. Being devastated about losing your job, being devastated by the lack of gifts you were able to buy your family for Christmas is devastating. Some of us have never experienced a pandemic of this magnitude–me being one of them!

I’ve had a hard time with just being content with the dreary days. Being an essential worker who has to risk their life just to make ends meet? It’s gross.

I’m not fond of this year or trying to act like being alive is enough for me–when I’m not living. No one should be! So if your year in review feels like a pile of negativity when you recap with friends or family, and someone extends their thought that you should maybe be a more grateful for just being here? Explain that sometimes that just doesn’t feel like enough! You don’t have to be complacent with getting an entire year of life basically stripped from you.

You’re not dead, no.

But that’s the thing we shouldn’t have to be steps away from one extreme we have never personally endured to be sad about the extreme we’re currently living through.

I don’t have a year in review that’s full of joy, and I’ve accepted that. Guilt won’t live within me because of that. The glass may be half full but I, like many others, could use a bit more.

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