2020 Year In Review-Activism In A Pandemic

In the year that is and was, the amount of activism I have witnessed? I have seen nothing like it, and I don’t think that I will again. In the midst of a world-wide pandemic, the revolution is still be televised.

It is glorious to see.

The thing that is so amazing, even in the midst of all of this is the fight for hope in the midst of all of it.

The Black Lives Matter movement is still living and active, and demonstrates the resilience of Black people. It is has been the most amazing to witness, Torches. Despite the ramifications, justice demands our attention! It demands our focus! And it requires social distancing, masks, social media and our persistence to remind the world that we are not fodder to a murderous system!

As a person that saw first had what activism can do in Ferguson, and one that determines to change the world with the English language, activism is just what has kept me focused and reminded that there are bigger things happening that what problems are local to me.

And that glaring thing which demands the world’s attention is police reform, their accountability and the hesitance of the criminal justice system to persecute police officers that kill unarmed citizens. Especially, when they are Black. With that said, why would the pandemic change the fact that Black people want to not be murdered by the people ‘charged to serve and protect?’

The one thing that I have loved about this year is this–the persistence, the questioning, the determination to right what is completely wrong in the world we live in! With all that happened this year, activism is still the lifesblood of change in this nation! It is still the main way to get attention, regain focus and to be reminded of the things that are important, wrong and which are insufferable!

Activism still works. Activism is still necessary. The world is still broken and in need of repair.

Art is still activism and words still matter!

Keep fighting, Torches! The world is watching.

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