Anon, if you can answer this question, you will rule the world! This is something that you will find accurate as you move through this life, shug. There are men that believe if they tell you the ‘magic’ combination of the phrase ‘I love you’ that is and operates as a kickstand in your life–that it will keep you and allow you to ‘wait’ for him to decide when he wants to be with you. Issa trap, sis! There is a certain class of man that thinks being ‘in love’ with someone will empower you with a level of stupidity strong enough to endure whatever they through at you! I mean, doesn’t the Black Love Guru of the internet Derrick Jaxn talk about this same thing? Women involved (and I use the term involved loosely!) with men who don’t know what they want, but pretend that they do! If you ask me (and you should as I have lived through this), men have an idea what they want, and think they need no time frame in order to get it! They believe saying they love you is enough to keep you where they want you–think if it like chess. The Queen is the most powerful piece–and if they will say whatever they need to in order to keep you in a place where you move on their timetable, not yours. The killer part is always when you stop moving when they move. When you aren’t as available. Not as eager to share. Not as eager to see him or be seen by him. They hate that! It never occurs to this class of man that you are capable of finding someone else–or would want to! They see you as theirs. So you doing without them? Nah, that’s not in their plan. Make sense? No? Good, it’s not supposed to. Choose you–always. Time it too precious to waste on people that don’t know what they want. You are never an option.

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