Dwayne Michael Carter has sold his masters, the Evil Empire headed by the Orange Sith is putting us all at risk, people still don’t want to go outside with masks, hackers have struck the US again, the Chicago PD is a worse gang than any conceived by man, the COVID-19 vaccine is being rolled out and I am waiting to watch MA RAINEY’S BLACK BOTTOM!

There’s no time to waste! Let’s get it!

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Even as a little girl, I loved music. I really got into to jazz when I was about 9 when I learned about Duke Ellington (my mother’s favorite). With the success of the Bessie Smith film Queen Latifah did (BESSIE in 2015), I was wondering when the Ma Rainey movie would be done. Let me emphasize what I mean when I say done. What I have always disliked about historical documentaries of Black people is sometimes it looks like Black people weren’t involved! With the passing of Chadwick Boseman, with realizing this is his last movie, there was an extra apprehension added to this! As a Black woman, unapologetic about her Blackness, knowledgeable about her history–I need this done RIGHT. Even with Viola starring as Ma Rainey, I STILL need her to be all of her powerhouse self in this! I need that! The year of 2020 has been such an assault on everything, and art has been my only solace.

I am looking forward to this. Watch for my in-depth review, and more thoughts during 28 Days of Blackness in February 2021. The reason I am stanning this movie so hard is that I know my history, the history of jazz and being a guardian of Black culture. I knew this film to be right, because Black people have been done bad so long that one of the only thing which can begin to rectify this would be accurate storytelling. Point blank. It is because of Ma Rainey, that we have the rich musical inheritance we as a people–we as a nation!–do.

Note: Janis Joplin is the one that paid for the headstone of Ma Rainey.

Thank you, Ma Rainey.

Ma Rainey - Voices of the Harlem Renaissance

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There is a justice in seeing people being apprehensive of taking this vaccine. I know why EYE have an issue with it, and this is because AGAIN of knowing my history. Let me explain. I know that science is real. I know that you can, and it is possible, to believe in God and science. I know there are people on both sides of this vaccination argument–for and against. With my day job as an essential worker, I know that I will have to take it. My only issue is this roll out is too quick! Orange Thanos threatened the head of the FDA to get his released! I would feel better about taking it if there were more research done for it–especially as it relates to reactions and recovery times. With this being a vaccine for a novel virus, I just would feel better if I just knew more about it. This is America…take this and hush up, amirite?

#AnjanetteYoung #BlackWomenMatter #Trauma #Chicago #HowLongLord #ChicagoPD #MayorLoriLightfoot #PoliceOversight #Settlement #HereWeGoAgain

The only CHICAGO PD I rock with is the one that is on NBC.

Anjanette Young could have been me or any Black woman that I know. Any.

It is reasons like this that I sleep with my phone in my bed, always have it on me, and always keep gas in my car.

Nine members of the Chicago Police Department broke into this woman’s house after she got off work, with her naked in her house, arrested her, while interrogating her for twenty minutes. I saw this footage earlier this week, and couldn’t find the strength to cry. All I could imagine is if that was me! Or my sister! Or any Black woman that I know lives alone! The killer part to all of this is the man they were looking for? Didn’t live there–and he was on home monitoring! He was able to be found because he had an electronic monitor! For the mayor of Chicago, a Black woman, to know this happened–and did nothing? That she was complicit? And then the police try and fix her door? There is too much here! There is no amount of money that can grant her peace! In 2019, the city of Chicago paid out over $150 million in settlements. Ms. Young is about to get enough money to move from Chicago. I hope she gets all that and some more! It would be even sweeter if this settlement was paid out of the pension for the Chicago PD.

I don’t even have all the words I need for all the rage I have for this.

See y’all next week!

Torches, there are only–ONLY!–33 more days until Inauguration Day! Someone queue the HAMILTON soundtrack again! THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN!


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