2020 Year In Review: WE ARE TURNING 4!

Thank you to my team of Shauncea Shotwell, Rebecca Quarles, Jayida Tyler, and Meisha Davis. Without you all, none of this will and would be possible. I thank you.

This anniversary hits different, Torches! This platform, which was started by me in response to all the long Facebook posts I was writing in 2014-2015. This platform which I had no idea what I was doing when I started, and it was my blogging mentor, Winnie Caldwell (yes, THAT Winnie Caldwell) whom encouraged me to begin to write–to blog. And from there, it’s been on ever since.

Over 800 posts.

Over 10k followers between two social media platforms.

All Black woman run. All Black space. All Black women making space.

With the reign of Orange Thanos ending, this seems such sweeter that I could ever imagine! I cannot tell you how many times I thought of quitting. Of when everything was too much, and I couldn’t put thoughts down. The complete doubt that I had about running this platform, and believing that I could sustain it! I didn’t think that I would get the support, recognition or the help that I would need to run it.

Then came Shauncea.

Then came Rebecca.

Then Meisha.

Then Jayida.

And you cannot know as a Black woman, as a writer, what it means to have people believe in you–and help you to push the vision you have. That you feel only you can see! And doing is while trying to fight for the people you love, expose craziness wherever it is to be found, all while being Black? Oh, it was a whole lot! And at this point, I am glad I didn’t. And I thank all of you–every last one of you!–for supporting.

The Ideal Firestarter was birthed under the second term of the 44th President Barack Hussein Obama, grew up and was forged under the fire of the 45th President (whom will always be referred to as Orange Thanos!), and is growing under the administration of the 46th President Joseph R. Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris.

In January, we go into year five. Five! And some days it feels like I started this yesterday. I am grateful for each and every last one of you that has engaged us on Facebook, Instagram, and through email subscription. You all mean more to you than you can ever think. Remember that you are a Torch. You are a Firestarter.

As a Torch and a Firestarter, you are one that brings light, heat and smoke. So go and do so–without apology. Here is to year four–and four more.

It is an honor to be in this position, to be a vessel and at the helm of something that I could only dream of before. I look forward to what 2021 will bring.

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