Talk About It Tuesday-12/15/2020

And the ratchet continues with and from the Twitter account HBCU Confessions.

This post rings of sour grapes to me.

The part of me that is mother and soon to be forty is thinking, “Why is this little boy whining?” I, personally, don’t think that karma is coming to this girl. I think that this dude lost a good thing, and perhaps HE was the side dude in this situation! The fact that he refers to her as the ‘chick’ that ‘cheated on him’? The fact that he seems to be MAD that she decided to be with someone whom was more financially secure, and he married her?

Nall, fam. YOU were the side dude!

The fact that you are ‘suffering’? I highly doubt that. The fact that you think you need to do someone dirty to get blessed, means you have no idea what you just lost–and what you still will lose because you’re being selfish and petty.

I will say this though. Be mindful of how you treat the people that come in your life. Be mindful of your intent and your intentions. Not every person you meet is going to be amenable to their time being wasted. You being mad about Sis moving on with her life, making Boss moves, and being happy, just shows how unready for her you were!

Flat out.

[image screenshot from official HBCU Twitter account.]

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