2020 Year In Review: The New Way To Celebrate In A Pandemic

This is legit how I laugh when people invite me out during a global pandemic. Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is my mood.

Man, the phrase “I ain’t comin’!” and “Who all over there?” has taken on new meaning. For the year that has been 9 years long, I–like many of you, Torches–have lived on my phone or tablet more than thought possible or healthy! For my day job, I work in a local hospital, and was pulled to a COVID unit. Thankfully, I have not been without PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)–including masks. While I have maintained a social pod (this pod being composed of less than fifteen people!), I am aware that if something were to happen–if I bring something home–I am the point of contact! So, when I was pulled to COVID unit, I had to cancel the plans I made for Thanksgiving. It was the responsible thing to do! Now, I know many people would have just went, and not let the ‘pandemic’ stop them–I am not most people! I take my health and the safety of people around me seriously. So, my social pod and I did Thanksgiving dessert over ZOOM.

Everyone was safe. Everyone ate. Everyone had fun…as best you can over a ZOOM link.

But here is the rub! In the age of COVID, we have erased or obliterated the excuse of “I can’t come” or “Who all is over there”! The counter for that is, “Well can you get on FaceTime or Zoom?” And to be honest, Torches, sometimes a chick doesn’t want to show up–either in person or on a call! This is one of the reasons why I exercise my DECLINE option on my phone, as well as my DO NOT DISTURB option!


My introvert self has been handling quarantine well, though! I go out only when I have to. I see only the people I want to, and don’t have to be in person to do it! But, I know that everyone isn’t like me and isn’t coping nearly as well. For them, I pray that the world opens up enough for them to maneuver through it. For me and mine? I’m good. And I am not brave enough to turn my camera off when my mother asks to see Christmas morning on Zoom.

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