Lil Wayne sold his Masters, Orange Thanos out here paying to lose, Georgia has counted three times, Trumpanzees are out here hating math and the color blue! Rudy Guilani got ‘Rona, Debo died and the character of T’Challa will not be recast! Plus! TIANA is coming back to the culture! Grab a snack, because this is a sweet week!

Let’s get it!

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Note: As of this posting (12/11-12/22/2020), SCOTUS has rejected this last Frankenstein court case presented by Texas (it’s always Texas on the bullsh!t!) on behalf–behalf!–of the four states Orange Thanos lost (NV, GA, PA, MI). Think about this! The audacity which adds to it is Justice Alito and Justice Thomas–Clarence Thomas whom has done nothing but coon and be a stage Negro (and he took Justice Thurgood Marshall’s SCOTUS seat!)!–wrote the dissent for this decision! You cannot make this up! YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP!

Every so often, Texas talks about seceding from the Union–because Texas. They are a the problematic child that won’t sit still in church at this point! Forgetting that Texas was part of Mexico, and so was California! After losing this case they had the audacity to bring, they want to leave the Union again? If they don’t stop and sit still?! The SCOTUS got another switch for them!

Even the Three Stooges of Kavanaugh, Goresch and Coney-Barrett couldn’t help him steal this! And HE appointed them! The multiple L’s, man! MULTIPLE! And these cult members can’t be bothered to be told the truth. They will go off the cliff because he is taking them all there!

#Immortality #MARVEL #Film #Representation #BlackPanther #TChalla #NoRecasting #Legend #ForTheCulture #PrincessShuri #MoreCulture #MoreStoriesToTell

Chadwick Aaron Boseman (1976-2020) is the only Black Panther that I care to ever be cast. His 44th birthday was earlier this month, and it has been announced that MARVEL will not be a recasting for him! Good! I am happy about this! And here is why:

There are some roles that don’t need to be reprised, recast and are good enough as they are! You don’t see people trying to remake GONE WITH THE WIND and get a new Rhett Butler! I don’t care that this is a comic book character! Do not recast this! The fact that the comic details that Princess Shuri does become the next Black Panther, is that really so bad? Is it really so bad to give a Black woman that kind of center stage and autonomy–on top of the fact the smartest people in the MCU/Marvel Universe are Black women!

I personally would love to see Black Panther as a Saturday morning cartoon! I want to see more stories about Wakanda! I want to know more about the Doras! Like?! There is a whole world to explore! So, let’s do that! We know that Ryan Coogler can do it! So, let’s get it!

#Disney #DisneyPlus #Tiana #TianaAndNaveen #HereForThis #Representation #NOLA #MoreStories #MoreCulture #PrinceNaveen #SomedayBlackQueensInDisney

I have now lived long enough to see a Black people in the White House, and a Black Princess in a Disney movie! I am thrilled to know that Disney+ is starting the TIANA series! I am elated for the Black women and girls that are going to see this! To see themselves in a way that is not less than, not a servant, and not cowing to erasure!

When my daughters saw Princess & The Frog, they were elated, and I cried. I cried because I had lived long enough to see this. I remember not seeing a PRINCESS that looked like me, aside from Jasmine! I am 39, and my mother is 70. She and I have lived long enough to see all of this. I don’t think I can ever underestimate exactly what that means to little Black girls looking to see themselves in a world that clearly will only tolerate them! The culture needs this…it truly does.

Now, if Disney could give–no! Disney needs to give us a Black family ON SCREEN! Torches, someone needs to get on that ASAP!

This week, I must give a shout out to the TikTok account that helps me understand all these law concepts, is a history nerd, and makes science more incredible is David (@justlydeserved). He’s awesome…and he’s handsome. It’s a win! Thanks, David!

See y’all next week!

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