2020 Year In Review–Streaming Services & Piece Of Mind

Hulu Live TV Streaming: What It Is and How to Watch It

My friend Michael told me I should subscribe to hulu. I haven’t yet. I have no intention to. Not because he has horrible taste in shows, or I’m a bad friend. I just have no desire to subscribe to anything else! With that said, I had to begin to imagine why that was.

You have to understand something. I’m an 80’s kid, I’m looking 40 in the face, and I grew up reading more that I ever watched television. I am the grandchild of farmers and sharecroppers. I can live without being attached to an electronic device or service–I can’t live without my books, Audible subscription or Kindle.

What am experiencing now is a reckoning where I remember what it is like to not be so dependent or attached to something that plugs into a wall or lights up. With my children, even in the age of global pandemics, 60″ + televisions and ‘malfunctioning’ police body cameras, I have learned something, re-learned it even–that I saw my grandmother do. I have begun to value natural light.

Every day, I open the window. I still take time to read. I turn off my notifications on my phone. I don’t answer emails right away sometimes–a major issue in the digital age. But, I do it–I have to unplug. For my own sanity, I have to unplug! I encourage all of you to begin to do the same! You don’t have to be so accessible! This year of 2020 has taught me to value my time. I have learned that time is the most misused, undervalued thing we as people is time.

As of this posting, I have been in quarantine since March 2020–and had to move in the midst of a global pandemic! All I have been consumed with time, and where I put it. I can’t be attached to everything, because that seems impossible!

When I look over this year, all I can see–all am obsessed with, actually–is time. Along with how fleeting it is! I have also come to understand just how precious it is! I am learning the value of ‘no’, sleep, detoxing from toxic situations. This pandemic has given me a perspective that I think you can only get through age: time truly is what you make of it. Only valuable by how you spend it–even in a quarantined pandemic! Not everything and everyone deserves your attention, but too many things desire it!

Torches, peace is invaluable. Sometimes the best way to preserve your peace is to remind yourself you need it. Even if you get it by unplugging, unsubscribing and turning off thing you are paying for.

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