Talk About It Tuesday–Find The Joy!

The world has been fighting COVID-19 for almost a year! From the social isolation, mask debates and virtual learning, we are all stressed! We are all wanting it all to go away. But the thing I want to remind you of, dear Torches, is you still have to find the joy! What do I mean when I say that? It means even with everything going on there is still something to be happy about! Even if it is as small as a good night sleep, paying rent on time or having all the kids be caught up with their work! These are still wins! These are still wins! I want this to be a reminder that you are doing the absolute best you can. I want to remind you that you are not helpless neither are you worthless! You are still deserving of all good things, and you have the right for peace of mind and heart. Do not allow the pandemic to wreak havoc in your life! You still have control. Since you have control–find the joy. Keep that joy, and share it! You are a Torch! And sometimes that means you have to be your own light–by any means necessary.

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