President-Elect Biden is out here looking like Abe Lincoln, the state of Georgia is out here fighting like step-kids and their parents, Warner Brothers is trying to release all their 2021 movies ASAP, and Walter Mosley has a MasterClass! We are 27 days from 2021 and 47 from #46 President Biden!

Let’s get it!

#AllBlackEverything #SymoneDSanders #VPStaffIsLit #ArtAllBlack #AncestorsOnTheWall #LetTheGhostsChitChat #VicePresidentElectKamalaHarris #47Days

So, the staff list for the Biden-Harris administration is being leaked, and I am overjoyed! All this capable, smart AF, gorgeous Black women on staff in the most powerful positions in American government? Oh, I am living for this! One of the reasons why am loving is is the superhero force that is Ms. Symone D. Sanders! Whenever I see her fresh fade, bold lip and nails on CNN/MSNBC? Man, look! It is a remarkable to watch her work! And the fact is she is going to be working this close with Vice President Kamala ‘I’m Still Speaking/You Heard What The Hell I Said’ Harris? Oh, yes! Oh, YES! Make all the racists made with the freshness, the magic, the shoes, and this undeniable Black Girl Magic as a gale force wind!

Serve all of it up with no chaser!

I cannot wait till Inauguration Day—and I cannot wait until the first time Ms. Sanders has to read Yurtle the Turtle on official Vice Presidential letterhead! Ha!

#CancerCures #ABlackGirlDidThat #STEAM #STEM #DrGreen #SayHerWHOLEName #DoctorHadiyahNicoleGreen #STLGirl #SheDidThat #BlackDoctorsMatter

A potential cancer cure. A potential cancer cure created by a Black woman! Let me say this again: A POTENTIAL CANCER CURE CREATED BY A BLACK WOMAN WHOM IS A MEDICAL PHYSICIST FROM SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI! The fact that I can say those words in 2020 is no small miracle! The fact is Dr. Green ina ll her Black girl glory and brilliance has created a method of cancer treatment involving laser-activated nanoparticles?! Man! In 2020, do you not understand how incredible this is?! Do you not know how anxious I am to show my daughter and nieces this?! Do not know how stoked I am as a Black woman to have lived to see this?

A BLACK WOMAN MAY HAVE FOUND THEE POSSIBLE BEST TREATMENT FOR CANCER. And I have lived to see it! Let this be a reminder to every Black girl interested in STEAM/STEM to keep going! To press! To keep studying and believe in yourself!

*I will never tire of saying this! A BLACK WOMAN MAY HAVE FOUND THEE BEST POSSIBLE TREATMENT FOR CANCER! *Insert Thug eye sweat and Black Power daps*

#Underground #OWN #Representation #Platforms #MakingSpace #TellingStories #StoriesMatter #BlackActorsMatter #WritingPreserves #BlackArtMatters

The rumors are no longer rumors! The sensation known as Underground is going to be on OWN! While I am sad that this show didn’t get renewed, I am glad it is not somewhere dying in a back room! I mean, Season 1 of DRACULA on NBC is available on Amazon! So why shouldn’t this show be done the same! I think way too many people try to knock Oprah! While she is far from perfect, has her own issues and has has been with money longer than she has been without it perhaps, but she is still making space! She still has her own television network! She was able to make sure this show didn’t just…die! That is enough to shout about! Perhaps, with the right nudging, this show can be revived! Keep praying, saints!

Quick! I need the plug on a KAMALA shirt and a matching ball cap! 47 more days!

*Note: Please consider donating to Dr. Green’s research by going here.

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